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Tony Vega and Luisito Carrion

This concert brings together Luisito Carrion, one of today’s finest Caribbean musicians, and salsa singer Tony Vega, also from Puerto Rico.

While the former was a member of La Sonora Ponceña salsa band, the latter was part of the Willie Rosario Orchestra. Carrion and Vega will revisit some of Vega's hits, including ¨Dile¨, ¨Esa mujer¨, ¨Ella es¨ and ¨Lo mío es amor¨, as well as Carrion’s most popular songs, such as ¨Por alguien que se fue¨, ¨Renta de amor¨, ¨La fuga¨, ¨Yaré¨ and ¨Me diste de tu agua¨.

23 February, San Miguel Castle, San Miguel de Abona