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Things to Do in Tenerife

Pasteleria Doсa Magdalena

Organize the party for yourself and order delicious cake for any reason you want. It will be the sweetest memory of your Tenerife holidays.

Castillo San Miguel

Explore this Medieval Castle and enter into the magical world of the knights of the Round Table. The medieval atmosphere and bravery demonstrated by the knights will take you back to the XI century, where the king and his cavalry will entertain you with their magic. A traditional medieval style banquet is served whilst watching the tournaments and cheering for your selected knight who will win or die in your honour. The night ends with a “Capoeira” demonstration, a mix of wrestling and Brazilian dance and with live music.

Flamenco Show of Carmen Mota

Spellbinding is the best word to describe the incredible Carmen Mota Ballet, which inaugurated the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992. The Carmen Mota show will mesmerise you with their choreography based on well-known composed musical pieces and famous Spanish rhythms. The spectator will travel to a world that delves from the purest flamenco to the most innovative classical Spanish style.

Helicopter Sky Experience

HeliDream offers you a selection of quality routes to fly in helicopter, enjoy, relax with breathtaking views of the island, discover hidden places and the thrill of the heights.


We invite you to fly in the sky of Tenerife to make true your dream. We offer you highly qualified pilots of the Spanish Air Federation with long professional experience.